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Factroy Fresh Range

From blended to straight graded, with tips or simply consisting of nice wiry leaves; here is a range that reflects the unique characteristics of the Tea Small Holders’ factory fresh teas. Offering the best quality teas from Aruna Tea Factory, delve into a range that lets you savour the unique characteristics of the origin factory.

Aruna Tea

The Forest Preservation Range

With the aim of aiding the forest preservation of Sri Lanka, this range is committed towards safeguarding the Sinharaja Rain Forest. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biodiversity hotspot of Sri Lanka, it is also called the 'Lion Kingdom' that spans 21km from east to west and is a haven for countless animals, insects, amphibians, reptiles & tress; many of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Aruna Tea

Fruity Range

A delectable range of sweet and slightly spicy teas that are made using the finest fruit spice extractions. Containing all naturals spices sourced from among the home growers themselves, these teas are perfectly blended with refreshing fruit pieces to give you a taste of the best of both worlds.

Traditional Single Grade Tea Range

Comprising well-made single grade teas from the Tea Smaller Holder factories, this collection renders the opportunity to taste distinct characteristics and flavors embedded within the various tea grades. From neatly twisted wiry long leaf teas to grainy neatly-cut BOP teas, savor the versatile offerings of the home growers, with this collection.

Aruna Tea

Any Time Tea Range

Aruna Tea

Special Tea Range

Aruna Tea Aruna Tea

Aruna Tea
Aruna Tea